3d printing

  • Strong 3D printed parts in production quantities at production rates.
  • 3D | CARBON® technology delivers more speed, greater precision and higher quality

3D know how

NVZN Labs is one of fifty exclusive Carbon qualified partners in America because we have the full spectrum of skills and qualifications needed to manage the finest 3D printing projects in the world.

NVZN Labs brings experience in product design, electrical, mechanical and software engineering to every project. We see the potential for success or failure before we print.

carbon technology

NVZN 3D | CARBON® rapidly designs, develops, and scales production of better products in less time using the Carbon platform.

Integrated end-use materials, software and 3D printers enable NVZN Labs to accelerate bringing your products to market.

Faster Production

NVZN Labs Carbon “Continuous-pull” 3D printing means no stops and starts. 10X faster than older 3D systems.

High-speed delivery of prototypes and full production-grade parts up to 5,000 pieces.

Produces up to 20 of the same part at the same time. (Max size 7.4” wide x 4.6 high x 12.8” tall)

Greater Accuracy & Precision

Easily prints complex parts with intricate angles and turns

Printing to 65-micron resolution and tolerance to .002 on any part.

Stronger, more affordable products

NVZN 3D | Carbon® composite is production-grade strength and serves as a final production part.

NVZN 3D | Carbon® parts are guaranteed for the lifetime of the product they serve.

No up-front design costs or molds.

Continuous pull, high-capacity 3D process lowers overall cost.

NVZN 3D | Carbon® is bridge tool ready

Fill your interim production part needs while your mass- production capacity is established.

failsafe workflow - NVZN 3D | Carbon®


Expertise assessment

Our team validates your design and will quickly assess your products specific production parameters.

We collaborate with you to troubleshoot design, explore any necessary options, and confirm approach.


drawing / order request

NVZN Labs confirms final drawings, provides order request, and confirms cost.


Confirmation Stage

NVZN Labs makes ready design and applies cross-checks prior to production.


"First Article" Printed

A working sample of your product is printed to ensure fit and function to   your part request.


Pre-production Sign-off


time-saving production & delivery

NVZN Labs produces your prototype or production part quickly and consistently   with time-saving affordability.