a new type of product delivery company

team know how

NVZN Labs is a team of product developers, engineers, designers, software experts and machinists who have come together to create a new type of product delivery company. Under one roof, we combine expertise in PCBA, CNC and 3D printing to deliver everything from prototypes to full production to short part orders.

NO one brings it all together like NVZN Labs. We apply dynamic cross-functional expertise to every project to solve problems and hurdle road-blocks before they happen.  We make sure that every opportunity is maximized.

design inspired solutions

Our skill sets in PCBA, CNC and Carbon 3D are maximized by our deep expertise and understanding of what it takes to make a new product design realistic and practically possible.

We solve production challenges with design solutions. When we work on PCBA, we can see the big picture of the product it serves. The same applies to Carbon 3D and 5-axis CNC.

Technology motivated

NVZN Labs brings technology inspired solutions to every project. We are a talented team with cutting-edge tech insight.

Our team’s roots are in technology education and real world application. In our Silicon Valley home, we stay immersed with high-tech entrepreneurs who value using new technology to advance performance and productivity.