CNC Machining

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5 axis know how

5 Axis CNC is only as good as the people using it. NVZN Labs pushes 5 Axis CNC to its limits with a perfect combination of technical expertise, premium carbide cutting tools and advanced cutting path techniques.

Others have 5 Axis, but no one knows how to use it like NVZN Labs.

game-changing onboarding and planning

NVZN Labs engineering and machinists accelerate your project smarter and faster.  We qualify your design. We define every process pathway, every cutting approach. Everything we do before the machine goes to work helps push the technology to its performance extreme.

The result is more perfect parts per spindle minute, and increased bottom line value for you.

pushing cnc tech to its limit

Great, complex and fast cuts happen every day at NVZN Labs because state-of-the-art operators and carbide tools literally drive the equipment to peak performance.

You can drive a formula 1 car around a course and finish, or you can push it further and faster to win. NVZN Labs’ 5 Axis CNC is driven to win. 

your onshore cnc advantage

The lure of hyper low-cost CNC parts is often joined by poor quality, impossible lead times and nightmare logistics.

NVZN Labs is Silicon Valley based, has everything you need at a price that makes sense.  And NO nightmares.