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3d printing

carbon® 3d technology

cnc machining

5 axis performance

moving you forward.

Dated equipment and processes don’t live at NVZN. We combine state-of-the-art equipment with state-of-the-art people to accelerate outcomes for you in PCBA, 3D Printing and complex 5-Axis CNC. We make a difference to your bottom line by maximizing performance, efficiency, and value.

NVZN is your onshore advantage. We design, engineer and manufacture everything in our Silicon Valley, California location. Our advanced team and equipment produce dynamic value-added benefits and quality assurances versus lower-tech U.S. and overseas options.

nvzn know how

Our work is fueled by dynamic cross-functional know-how. We bring problem-solving experience including design-engineering, mechanical, electrical and software integration.

We’re well-travelled in product design, development and manufacturing. We help innovators see the way forward with exceptional problem-solving collaboration.

NVZN technology

Across every service we provide, we use the most current equipment, tools, people and methods. NVZN has the technology and the people who know how to use it.

When pushed to their fullest potential, new technologies and methods frequently deliver faster turnaround, higher quality and higher value. NZVN takes you to the next level.

NVZN Responsiveness

We have one goal. To make things happen, smarter, better and faster. We collaborate with our customers to develop the best approach, best practice and best outcome to maximize their return.